Restrictions on Shipping to gopost Units

Restrictions on Shipping to gopost Units More and more people choose to print shipping labels online because it helps them to save time and money. However, when you print shipping labels yourself, you need to be aware of shipping rules and restrictions if you want your package to arrive at its destination safely. For example, there are certain restrictions on shipping to gopost units in the United States.

First and foremost, let’s figure out what a gopost unit is. gopost is one of many services provided by the United States Postal Service (USPS). It gives USPS customers access to automated parcel lockers that can be used to receive and ship packages. gopost units are placed in convenient locations (transport hubs, grocery stores, pharmacies, shopping malls, etc.) and available 24/7.

Unlike PO Boxes that are provided for a fee, gopost units are available at no additional cost. However, in order to use them to receive or ship packages, one should sign up for the service. Those who have signed up can use the combination of their gopost account number and the number of their preferred gopost unit as their shipping address and have all or some packages delivered to their gopost unit of choice, as long as they meet certain requirements.

While gopost has its fair share of benefits for recipients, those who send packages need to know what types of packages they can and cannot ship to gopost units. First of all, you should know that only USPS packages can be shipped to gopost units; businesses can use hybrid shipping services where the USPS is responsible for the last leg of delivery, such as UPS SurePost or FedEx Ground Economy (formerly called FedEx Smart Post), but if you’re not running an e-commerce business and only ship packages occasionally, you must choose the USPS as your shipping carrier when printing a shipping label yourself.

USPS mail classes that can be shipped to gopost unis include all Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express mailpieces, plus other package types that are thicker than ¾ inch. Inbound packages that cannot be received via gopost units include:

  • Letters and flat-sized envelopes that a) are not Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express mailpieces and b) are less than ¾ inch thick.
  • Domestic packages shipped with extra services such as Adult Signature, Certified Mail, Collect On Delivery, Registered Mail, Restricted Delivery, Return Receipt, Special Handling.
  • International packages that require customs fees.
  • International packages shipped with extra services such as Registered Mail, Restricted Delivery, Return Receipt.

You should also keep in mind that all USPS domestic and international restrictions and prohibitions still apply regardless of whether the package is addressed to a residential address, a gopost unit, or a PO Box. Prohibited and heavily restricted items include, for example, airbags, alcoholic beverages, cigarettes and tobacco, explosives, firearms and ammunition, gasoline, liquid mercury, medicines and prescription drugs, and marijuana.

In addition to restrictions regarding package type and contents, there are size restrictions. gopost lockers come in three sizes: small, medium and large. The maximum package size that the largest gopost locker can accommodate is up to 12 x 15 x 18 ½ inches. If your package is larger than that, it will be redirected be to the nearest post office, so we recommend that you ask the recipient for an alternative address or warn them that the package is too large and they will have to pick it up at the post office.

One more thing we should mention is that gopost units have a specific addressing format that you should stick to when you create shipping labels online. When you address a package to a gopost unit, the shipping label must contain the recipient’s first and last name, gopost unit number, the recipient’s gopost account number, city, state, and ZIP code; the physical address of the gopost unit (street name and bulding number) should not be included.