How to Void a Shipping Label

How to Void a Shipping Label Printing shipping labels online can save time and money, so a lot of people prefer printing USPS, FedEx and UPS shipping labels at home to going to a post office. However, sometimes shipping labels end up not being used after they have been printed. Is their any way to void a shipping label and get your money back?

There are several common situations when the need to cancel a shipment and request a refund for a shipping labels arises:

  • You have made an error and notice it only after the label has been printed.
  • You created a label but weren’t able to print it before the shipping date.
  • You created a label but ended up deciding not to ship your package.

Carriers typically allow to void a shipping label and request a refund if the barcode on the label that needs to be voided has not been scanned into the system. Here’s how you cancel a shipment and request a refund with popular shipping carriers.

How to Void a USPS Shipping Label

When you print USPS shipping labels online using Click-N-Ship, you can request a refund within 30 days of the label transaction date (print date) if the label hasn’t been scanned. To void a shipping label, log in to your account, go to your Shipping History, find the label you want to cancel, and click on it. Select the option “Refund label” from the drop down menu and click Yes to confirm your request.

You will be sent an e-mail after requesting your refund and another one when your refund request gets approved or denied. You can also track the status of your request in your Shipping History. If your refund request is approved, the funds will be credited to your original payment method within 14 days.

To void a shipping label that was created more than 30 but less than 60 days ago, you need to shoot an e-mail to the Click-N-Ship Help Desk. Your e-mail should contain the following information: your user name and Click-N-Ship account number, the number of your shipping label, and the date and number of the transaction. If the label was printed more than 60 days ago, it is not eligible for a refund and cannot be voided.

How to Void a FedEx Shipping Label

FedEx allows to cancel a shipment you created online by logging in to your FedEx Ship Manager account, going to the Ship History tab, selecting the shipment and clicking on the Cancel button. Keep in mind you cannot void a FedEx shipping label once its shipping date has passed.

You can, however, cancel a shipment that has already been picked up. FedEx Express deliveries can be returned to the original shipping address right from your FedEx account. All you need to do is log in to your account, enter the tracking number of the package you need returned on the tracking page, and select Return to Shipper option in Manage Delivery. You will be asked to select the reason for return and provide your contact information. If your package wasn’t shipped via FedEx Express, you can request it be returned by contacting FedEx customer support.

How to Void a UPS Shipping Label

You can void a UPS shipping label within 90 days of creating it on through your Shipping History. Log in to your account and view your Shipping History. Open the Actions menu by selecting the vertical ellipsis icon, then select Void. If your package have been successfully canceled, you will see a red dot next to it in the Voided column.

To void a shipping label that was created more than 90 but less than 180 days ago, you need to contact the UPS. If the label was created more than 180 days ago, it cannot be voided.

How to Void a Shipping Label with PostageMaker

When you create shipping labels with PostageMaker, you have the option to cancel them in case you’ve made an error or changed your mind about shipping your package within 10 days after creating them by logging in to your user account and clicking on Account History.

Keep in mind that shipping labels cannot be voided once they’ve been scanned by the carrier. When the shipping label is canceled, the postage will be credited back to your account in the PostageMaker system within 14–21 days, with the exception of a cancellation fee.