Save time and money!
Postagemaker.com enables our clients to generate pre-paid postage labels on-line from your home or office, through USPS and FedEx services.
You can print postage label in few steps, attach it on the package and send it just by giving it to a postman or dropping into a mailbox.
Postagemaker.com allows our clients to create International shipping labels 15-18% cheaper than USPS.
Domestic labels rates, depending of weight and zones, are 5-12% less than main carrier rates.

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The main types of parcel delivery within the United States:

  • First-Class Mail – the best possible option of delivery of light parcels. The maximum weight of parcels is 1 pound (16 ounces), that is about 454 grams in the metric system. Delivery time depends on the distance and is from 2 up to 6 days. Number tracking is available.
  • Priority Mail - an economy way, the parcel is delivered by airmail. It allows you to send packages of different weights. Delivery time is from 1 up to 3 days. Insurance available for an extra fee. Detailed tracking is available.
  • Priority Mail Express - Express delivery. In most cases, it is delivered on the following day. Detailed tracking is available.

Types of international parcel delivery:

  • First-Class Mail International - the best option for inexpensive delivery of light parcels. The maximum parcel weight is 4 pounds and up in $400 in value. Can be used for cards, large envelopes and flats. The delivery period is 15-30 days. No tracking.
  • Priority Mail International - an economy way, the parcel is delivered by airmail. Packages can be delivered by mail to your post office. The delivery period is 10-20 days. Insurance for an extra fee. Simple tracking.
  • Express Mail Service (EMS) - the recommended method is suitable in terms of reliability, cost and speed. The simplified procedure of customs clearance: parcels that do not exceed the value limit are exempt from duties. Package can be shipped by EMS "to the door" courier express delivery. Insurance is $200 by default. Detailed tracking.
  • Priority Mail Express International – really fast international option of delivering to more than 180 countries. It will take 3-5 business days. Flat rate international shipping prices are available. No weighing or calculating needed. With Flat Rate, you pay one rate depending on the destination country. Includes tracking.
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Postagemaker vs USPS Retail comparative table

From United States to group 4 countries (see country price groups and weight limits here).

Weight, lb 1 2 4 10 20 30 44 55 70
Priority Express International PostageMaker
USPS retail
Priority Mail International PostageMaker
USPS retail
- -
First-Class International PostageMaker
USPS retail
- - - - - -