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The most convenient and simple way to send parcels within and out of the United States is through USPS (United States Postal Service).

All parcels sent through USPS get a label with a unique tracking number. Labels are stickers containing the sender’s and the recipient’s addresses, the bar code and the weight.

Usually a post office operator generates labels for the parcels at the counter. However, with the help of the Internet, any user can generate a label online, print it, attach it to the package and hand it to a postman.

The PostageMaker generation system allows for quick and easy on-line generation of USPS labels anytime and anywhere. You just need to register in the system (Fig. 1), add funds to your personal account (Fig. 2) and you will get USPS postage labels that meet all the requirements of the Postal and Customs Services of the United States and the recipient country.

With the corporate discounts, we are offering prices that are 15-18% (depending on the type of shipment) lower than the official USPS rates.

Registration in PostageMaker system
Figure 1. Registration in the PostageMaker system

Make a deposit in PostageMaker
Figure 2. Adding funds in PostageMaker

When paying, note that you will be credited a sum less payment service fee.

Generating a label in PostageMaker
Figure 3. Creating a label

With PostageMaker, you fill out an online form to generate mailing labels (Fig. 3) and select the type of service.

The system generates a label (Fig. 4), which you can immediately print, or save in pdf or email to a parcel sender. The label is payable upon generation, and the payment will automatically be deducted from your personal account in PostageMaker.

Sample USPS label
Figure 4. Sample USPS label

If you make a mistake, generate an incorrect label or decide not to send the package, you can cancel this label within nine days. In such case, the system will check whether the label has been scanned to be sent in a post office, and if not, the amount written off, except of $5 cancellation fee, will be credited to your account.

By using the PostageMaker label-generating system you will get an opportunity to independently arrange and pay for shipment in just a few clicks.