8 Reasons to Choose Ground Shipping

8 Reasons to Choose Ground ShippingAir shipping is faster than ground shipping for obvious reasons. However, “faster” does not necessarily mean “better”. When your shipment is not too time-sensitive, it might make more sense to have it delivered by ground rather than by air. Here are 8 reasons to choose ground shipping.

Reason #1. It is affordable

Ground shipping is a more cost-saving option compared to air shipping for a number of reasons including cheaper fuel and less personnel (one truck driver vs. an entire plane crew). If you’re looking to save money on shipping expenses and are not pressed for time, ground shipping is a great option.

Reason #2. It is reliable and predictable

While ground shipping may take longer than expedited shipping methods, it offers a predictable delivery timeline because couriers use an established route network, plus ground shipping is less affected by adverse weather conditions than air or sea shipping. Of course, extreme weather conditions that can cause road closures or traffic accidents may affect ground shipping, but road closures happen less often than flight delays due to bad weather.

Reason #3. It is easy to track

Due to the reliability and predictability of ground shipping, such shipments are much easier to track. Some shipping carriers even offer real-time tracking of ground shipments, using GPS and logistics databases to determine the location of the vehicle carrying a shipment at any given point in time.

Reason #4. It is suitable for large or heavy items

Large or heavy items may be too costly or impractical to ship by air, and this is where ground shipping comes to the rescue. Ground shipping methods have the necessary infrastructure to handle such shipments and are a more budget-friendly option for shipping oversized items, since carriers usually charge by dimensional weight and ground shipping rates are lower than air shipping rates.

Reason #5. It is more environmentally-friendly than air shipping

If you are environmentally conscious, you should know that ground shipping typically has a lower carbon footprint than air shipping because it consumes less fuel per package.

Reason #6. It has a wide coverage

Domestic ground shipping services often have extensive coverage areas, reaching both urban and rural destinations. This makes them a convenient option for shipping to various locations, including remote areas where air shipping might be limited or more expensive.

Reason #7. There is a reduced risk of damage

Ground shipping may involve fewer handling stages compared to air shipping, potentially reducing the risk of damage to your package during transit.

Reason #8. It can be used to deliver restricted items

Some restricted items, including HAZMAT (hazardous materials), are prohibited for air shipping due to safety concerns, but can be delivered by ground. For example, USPS Ground Advantage can be used to ship certain types of aerosols and glues, cremated human and pet remains, and alcohol-based hand sanitizer and perfumes. Of course, all shipments containing HAZMAT must be properly labeled and accompanied by the necessary documentation.

Most postal and courier companies offer cost-effective ground shipping services, so you have several options to choose from. For example, the United States Postal Service (USPS) has Ground Advantage and Media Mail (for certain types of media materials), UPS has UPS Ground, FedEx has FedEx Ground Shipping and FedEx Home Delivery, etc. Regardless of the carrier, ground shipping within the United States usually takes 1–5 business days, depending on the shipping zone, although delivery to Alaska and Hawaii may take longer.