What to Do If the USPS Couldn’t Deliver Your Package: USPS Redelivery

USPS RedeliverySometimes the USPS cannot deliver a package for a variety of reasons, for example, because the mailbox is full, the package is too large to fit into it, or a signature is required but no one is home. In such a case, the mail carrier would normally leave a special notice so that the customer can request their item to be redelivered. What is the USPS Redelivery service and how to use it?

As we’ve already mentioned, unsuccessful mail delivery can occur for a variety of reasons: the mailbox or parcel locker was full, the parcel was too large to fit in the mailbox, additional fees or a signature were required upon delivery but there was no one home, the item could not be left in the specified location (for example, there was a dog in the yard).

In case of an unsuccessful delivery attempt, the carrier leaves PS Form 3849 to inform the customer about the delivery attempt and their options such as pick the package from the nearest Post Office, have it delivered to a gopost locker (please note that not all packages are eligible for delivery to a gopost location), or schedule a redelivery.

The USPS Redelivery service is available in many areas throughout the United States, although not everywhere. You may request that your parcel be redelivered on a specific date up to the day it is scheduled to get returned to the sender (the date will be stated in the final redelivery notice), but you don’t get to choose a specific time. Unlike with USPS Package Intercept and some other services, the United States Postal Service won’t charge you anything for redelivery.

So, how do you schedule a redelivery? You can manually fill out and sign PS Form 3849 and give it to your mail carrier or leave it in your mailbox, but this is hardly the quickest or most convenient way. Scheduling a redelivery online is much easier. You can do it by scanning the QR code on the Redelivery form with a smart device that has Internet access, accessing the Redelivery page on the USPS website, or using the USPS Tracking tool.

To schedule a redelivery, you will need the tracking number of your package. Where can you find it? If your package was shipped by an online retailer, they should have sent you an order confirmation email that includes your tracking number. If the package was sent by, say, a friend or a relative, you can reach out to the sender and ask them for the tracking number, which they can find on the receipt or in the PDF file containing the shipping label if they generated the shipping label online.

You also have the option of using the barcode number on your Redelivery form instead of the tracking number. If your mail carrier tried to deliver several packages in a single attempt and failed, the barcode number will be associated with the tracking numbers of all the packages in that delivery attempt. When you use it to schedule a redelivery, you will be provided information on every tracking number.

Please keep in mind that only packages with specific scan events (i.e. tracking statuses) are eligible for redelivery:

  • Available for Pickup
  • Available for Redelivery or Pickup
  • Notice Left
  • No Authorized Recipient Available
  • No Secure Location Available
  • Receptacle Blocked
  • Receptacle Full / Item Oversized
  • Reminder to Schedule Redelivery

If your package is eligible for redelivery, all that’s left for you to do is follow the prompts on the Redelivery or Tracking page. Once you redelivery request is accepted, you will be redirected to a confirmation page with a confirmation number, which will also be emailed to you. Scheduled redeliveries can be modified or canceled, but no later than the day before they are scheduled.

Keep in mind that you cannot schedule a redelivery before the first delivery attempt was made; if you need to modify your delivery options before the initial delivery attempt, you need to use another service provided by the USPS – USPS Delivery Instructions.