How to Ship a Package From a UPS Access Point

How to Ship a Package From a UPS Access Point When you need to ship a package via UPS, you can do it from a variety of locations: a UPS Store, UPS Drop Box, UPS Access Point, or a UPS Customer Center. UPS Access Points, in particular, are a great option for easy package drop-offs. How do you ship a package from a UPS Access Point?

UPS Access Points are third-party outlets where you can drop off or pick up packages. They can be found at a variety of retail locations such as grocery stores, convenience stores, gas stations, laundromats, and other retailers. UPS pays local businesses a small fee per package for providing space and keeping an eye on the lockers and attracts more customers in return. It’s a win-win situation for UPS and business owners.

A UPS Access Point consists of a stand of automated secure metal lockers accompanied by a touchscreen kiosk that you can use to open a locker for a package drop-off or pickup. It can be used to ship prepaid and prepackaged packages, but there are certain requirements for packages that are eligible for drop-off at UPS Access Points. Your package must:

  • Weigh less than 44 lbs (20 kg).
  • Be less than 38 in (97 cm) long.
  • Have a total size less than 118 in (300 cm) in length and girth combined.
  • Have a value of less than $1000.

In addition, packages containing restricted items (for example, alcoholic beverages, ammunition or firearms, hazardous materials, perishables, tobacco, etc.) are not eligible for drop-off at UPS Access Points.

As long as your parcel meets the requirements, it can be shipped via a UPS Access Point. Of course, you need to package it first because UPS Access Points have no employees who will do it for you. Make sure to use a sturdy box of the right size (it should be neither too big nor too small for its contents), fill it with enough cushioning materials, properly arrange the items you’re shipping inside the box, and tape the box shut with reliable packing tape.

The next step is printing a shipping label and affixing it to the box. UPS Access Points don’t have the option of paying for postage and printing self-adhesive shipping labels, so you need to do it yourself before you go to an Access Point to drop your package off. You can create and print shipping labels on UPS’s website or use a third-party service like PostageMaker.

With PostageMaker, you can print UPS labels at discounted rates (up to 25% off the carrier’s retail rates); we don’t charge a monthly fee and offer a number of free additional services such as an address book, package tracking, and a shipping calculator.

When you create UPS labels using PostageMaker, you can print them right away or save them as PDF to print later. By the way, you won’t need a special printer or self-adhesive paper for this; just use a regular printer and paper, put the label inside an address pouch to protect it from the elements, and affix it to the package with clear tape.

Once your package is all ready, you should locate the nearest UPS Access Point. You can do it on UPS’s website, just don’t forget to check the option UPS Access Point in the Location Type filter. Upon arrival at the Access Point of your choice, scan the shipping label on your package at the kiosk. When a locker door opens, place the package inside and shut the door. That’s all, you’re free to leave! You package will be safe in the closed locker until a UPS driver arrives to collect it for shipping.

Keep in mind that UPS Access Points have a cutoff time for package collection. If you drop your package off before this time, it will be collected by a UPS driver and go out for delivery the same day. If you arrive at the Access Point after the cutoff time, your package won’t be collected and shipped until the cutoff time the following day.

You should also remember that UPS Access Points have opening hours that coincide with the opening hours of the business they’re located at. So make sure to check them out when you’re searching for a UPS Access Point on UPS’s website and drop your package off before closing time.