How to Find the Nearest USPS or UPS Location

How to Find the Nearest USPS or UPS Location When you print shipping labels yourself, you have two options for having your parcels shipped: you can either schedule a package pickup with the carrier or drop them off at the nearest drop-off location. Many people go with the second option because having your package picked up costs money; if you decide to go with it too, you should know how to find a USPS or UPS drop-off location near you to save time.

Both the United States Postal Service (USPS) and United Parcel Service (UPS) have several types of locations where you can drop off your parcel with a prepaid shipping label. Let us take a closer look at the main types of USPS and UPS drop-off locations, as well as the tools you can utilize to find a location close to you.

USPS Locations

Most people know about the two main types of USPS locations: Post Offices and Collection Boxes. However, there actually are other types of locations where you can ship your parcel.

Post Offices / Village Post Offices

A Post Office is the main type of USPS location; with over 34,000 post offices across the United States, the USPS has more offices than any other shipping carrier. USPS Post Offices offer the full range of postal services provided by the USPS, but they have scheduled service hours, so you can’t just drop off your package whenever.

Unlike regular post offices, village post offices are usually located within existing businesses rather than in stand-alone buildings and offer a limited selection of services, but this selection does include receiving and shipping prepaid parcels.

Collection Boxes

If you have a prepaid shipping label, you don’t need to go to a post office to have your parcel shipped. You can simply drop it into one of more than 139,000 USPS collection boxes, which come in several types: the iconic blue freestanding boxes, white boxes for prepaid Priority Mail Express shipments only, drop-off slots in lobbies, mail chutes in office buildings, etc. Each collection box has pickup times posted on it, so you’ll know when your parcel is going to be picked up for shipping.

Contract Postal Units and National Retailers

A contract postal unit (CPU) is a postal facility that operates inside a retail establishment and is operated by a supplier that has a contract with the USPS. CPUs provide a range of postal services, including receiving prepaid parcels. Similarly, national retailers are approved providers of mailing and shipping services in spaces that are not owned or leased by the United States Postal Service. They include big-box stores and grocery stores.


gopost units are automated parcel lockers where you can drop off packages at your convenience. They are self-serviced, secure, and accessible 24/7. To use a gopost locker to ship packages, you should register with gopost, receive an account number and choose a PIN; you will need both to access the gopost unit.

Self-Service Kiosks

Most USPS self-service kiosks are installed in Post Office lobbies so that customers can use them after hours; you can also find a few of them in large shopping malls. They offer many postal services, including shipping prepaid parcels.

The USPS offers a special tool that you can use to find the most convenient USPS location: All you need to do is type your city and state or ZIP code, select the type of location and radius (1 to 100 miles), and click Search.

UPS Locations

Like the USPS, UPS has several types of locations and a tool to help you find the closest and most convenient drop-off location for your pre-packaged and pre-labeled shipments:

UPS Stores

UPS Stores are basically the same as USPS Post Offices: they offer the full range of services provided by UPS. Unlike USPS Post Offices, UPS Stores are privately owned and operate under a franchise. There are more than 5,000 UPS Stores operating in the United States (including Puerto Rico) and Canada.

UPS Drop Boxes

UPS has over 40,000 drop boxes throughout the United States, where you can drop off parcels 24/7. Please note that there are dimension and value restrictions for packages that are shipped via UPS Drop Boxes.

UPS Access Points

UPS Access Points are secured lockers accompanied by a touchscreen kiosk that can be used for easy package drop-offs. They can be found at third-party retail locations such as gas stations, grocery stores, and even laundromats.

UPS Customer Centers

UPS Customer Centers are equipped with self-service kiosks that provide a range of shipping services, including creating new shipments and dropping off prepaid and pre-packaged shipments.

Other types of UPS locations where you can quickly drop off your shipment include UPS Authorized Service Outlets, UPS Authorized Service Providers, and UPS Alliance Shipping Partners.