8 Helpful Tips for Filling Out a Shipping Label Form

8 Helpful Tips for Filling Out a Shipping Label FormIn 95% of all cases, errors when generating a shipping label online occur due to incorrect or incorrectly entered information. Here are a few helpful tips that will help you to fix the error and finish creating your shipping label.

1. Make sure the sender and recipient addresses are correct; Google them if necessary. Postal servers verify addresses when you attempt to generate a shipping label and will not allow to you create a shipping label with a non-existent or incorrectly entered address.

2. The fields titled First Name and Last Name must be filled in. You can enter company name there if your letter or package is addressed to a business or organization.

3. Pay attention to the length of the information you enter in the Address field. The number of characters must not exceed 32. If it does, try to shorten parts of the address by replacing, for example, Street with St, Drive with Dr, Suite with #, etc. If the address still does not fit, you can move #… to the line titled Organization.

4. Phone numbers are entered without spaces, starting with +. Do not use hyphen - or brackets () in phone numbers.

5. Do not try to downplay parcel dimensions; its large side should be large enough to at least fit a shipping label. Parcel dimensions are stated in inches and not in centimeters. If you choose Envelope as delivery method, make sure that its thickness is no more than 1 inch.

6. The cost of insurance must not be greater than the declared value of the parcel contents.

7. Do not select Flat Rate Box / Envelope for USPS shipments, unless you are actually using branded flat rate packaging with fixed dimensions provided by the United States Postal Service. Learn more about USPS Flat Rate: https://www.usps.com/ship/priority-mail.htm#flatrate.

8. Do not ship as USPS Multimedia Mail anything other than books, magazines, other printed media, and electronic machine-readable media (such as CDs and DVDs).

Shipping labels are generated directly on USPS or UPS servers. Our website simply acts as an intermediary and issues them in PDF format for your convenience.

Unfortunately, postal services may experience outages or may be temporarily down for maintenance. This does not happen very often, and when it does happen, the downtime is relatively short. If you have tried the solutions we suggested and have not succeeded, you just need to wait for a couple of hours and try again. In the meantime, you can save the sender and recipient addresses in the Address Book so that you do not have to type them again later.

You can also reach out to the administrator of our service for help if the recommendations above did not work for you. To do this, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and attach screenshots of the Address and Declaration sections of the shipping label form with the information you are trying to enter. We need to see what you type in order to advise you how to solve the problem.

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