How to Send a Prepaid Shipping Label to an Online Merchant

How to Send a Prepaid Shipping Label to an Online MerchantYou can buy almost anything online these days; people from all over the world purchase items that are not available in their home countries from online stores abroad and get them delivered internationally. However, some e-commerce businesses don’t deliver to certain countries because of logistics and other reasons. One of the ways to circumvent this restriction is to create a prepaid shipping label and send it to the merchant.

There are many reasons why an online store may have international shipping restrictions. Some e-commerce businesses don’t ship internationally at all, while others don’t deliver orders to countries whose postal services they deem unreliable since they don’t want to deal with angry customers who are upset because their packages have been lost or damaged.

In most cases, it is possible to buy the product you need in another store that does deliver to your home country. However, sometimes you might find yourself in a situation where you need a particular product from a particular store that doesn’t ship to your country or region. There are several ways to solve this problem.

Some shoppers use package forwarding services when they need something from an online store that doesn’t deliver to their country. Package forwarders facilitate international online shopping by providing a native shipping address (and sometimes a billing address as well, if required) to customers, receiving packages at their facility on customers’ behalf, and then shipping these packages to their final destination.

A lot of shoppers find package forwarding a great option, but it does have its downsides, for example, delivery takes longer plus you’ll have to pay the package forwarder for their services. In addition, shoppers who use package forwarding services may encounter problems at checkout when they provide a native shipping address but use a card issued by a foreign bank to pay for their purchase.

Luckily, package forwarding is not the only option. If you desperately need something from an online store that doesn’t ship to your country, you can try to contact the owner and email them a prepaid shipping label. This way, you pay for delivery directly to the shipping carrier and relieve the seller of any responsibility once your order is shipped. All that the seller will need to do is print the shipping label you’ve emailed to them, attach it to your package, and drop it off at the post office.

But where can you get a prepaid shipping label? PostageMaker will help! PostageMaker is an easy-to-use shipping label printing service that allows users to create discounted USPS and UPS shipping labels. With PostageMaker, you can generate a shipping label online, save it as .pdf and then email it to the seller, who will print your label out and attach it to the package with your order.

To start creating shipping labels with PostageMaker, you need to sign up for the service, which won’t take much time, and add funds to your account in the system. This money will be used to pay for postage; we don’t charge for our services (although you may be charged a payment processing fee when adding funds to your account depending on the payment method you use).

Once you’ve signed up, logged in and added funds, go to the Create Label section of your personal account and fill out the form you find there. Keep in mind that you need to state your personal information in the Recipient section of the shipping label form, and the seller’s information in the Sender section of the form, because the shipping label must be addressed to you.

Another section of the shipping label form that you should pay special attention to is Declaration. It is crucial that the information you state there is truthful and correct, otherwise your parcel may get held at customs when it arrives in your country.

Make sure that the names, quantity, price, and weight of the products you’ve ordered, as well as package dimensions and value for insurance purposes are correct. You should get all this information from the merchant before creating a shipping label; don’t try to guess based on your order, it’s better to double check everything to avoid any mistakes.

Once your shipping label is ready, you will be given the option to save it as .pdf. Now you have a prepaid shipping label that you can email to the merchant. This option is much easier and cheaper than using package forwarding services; your package will also arrive earlier because it won’t take a detour through the forwarder’s warehouse.