How to Schedule a Package Pickup

How to Schedule a Package Pickup So, you’ve created a shipping label online, what’s next? Now you need to ship your package. Regardless of the mail carrier you’ve chosen, there are three main ways to do it: you can drop your package off at the nearest carrier’s location, drop it in a mail collection box, or schedule a package pickup.

Package pickup is probably the most convenient option. You won’t need to go anywhere to ship your package, all you’ll need to do is submit a pickup request online, and a courier will come and pick up your package from your home or office at the specified date and time. All three major carriers – USPS (United States Postal Service), UPS (United Parcel Service) and FedEx – offer package pickup services for free.

Whichever of these three carriers you prefer, you can schedule a package pickup online using one of the following links:

Schedule a pickup with USPS
Schedule a package pickup with FedEx
Schedule a package pickup with UPS

To schedule a pickup, you’ll need to fill out and submit an online form. The forms of different carriers are slightly different from each other, but the basic information that you are required to provide is the same: your residence or work address (it doesn’t have to be the same as the sender’s address on the shipping label; this address simply indicates the location where the courier will pick up the parcel) and phone number, information about the package or packages (number, total weight, type of package/service), pickup date and time, etc.

By the way, you don’t have to personally meet with the courier to give them the package. For example, when you schedule a pickup with USPS, you will be asked to specify the location where you will leave your package: in/at mailbox, on the porch, front door, back door, side door, mailroom, office, reception, etc. But if you want to give the package personally – just to be on the safe side – this can also be arranged.

As far as pickup time is concerned, there are some nuances. For example, while filling out the UPS pickup request form, you will be asked to specify the earliest and the latest pickup time. Your package will be picked up at some point within this time frame because it is hard to have the courier arrive at the exact time. When scheduling a pickup with USPS, you should keep in mind that packages are picked up Monday through Saturday at the same time your mail is delivered by your letter carrier. If you need to have your package picked up in a specific time frame, you can use Pickup On Demand premium paid service (as of May 2019, its cost was $23 per pickup).