Discounted International Shipping by USPS

Discounted International Shipping by USPSThe United States Postal Service (USPS) provides rather affordable international mail services to individuals and businesses. Still, international shipping is by no means cheap, especially when you need to ship large or heavy items. Luckily, there is a way to save money by using special services that provide discounted international shipping by the USPS.

With the USPS, you can get your parcel delivered to almost any country or territory on the globe. The carrier offers a range of international shipping options that vary in shipping time, pricing options, insurance, and rates. The USPS international mail services include Global Express Guaranteed, Priority Mail Express International, Priority Mail International, and First-Class Mail International.

The cost of international shipping by the USPS depends on the type of service, the destination country, and the real or dimensional weight of the parcel. For example, shipping a 1 lb parcel to a group 4 country will cost you about $22 by First-Class Mail International, $48 by Priority Mail International, and approximately $65 by Priority Mail Express International.

The USPS doesn’t normally offer discounts to customers, but businesses that ship large volumes do get a corporate discount. Such businesses include shipping consolidators and shipping label generators. By using their services, you can get shipping discounts that you wouldn’t otherwise qualify for.

With label generators, such as PostageMaker, you can enjoy all the benefits of shipping by the USPS without having to stand in line at a post office. You also get a shipping discount that makes international shipping through the United States Postal Service even more affordable. How does it work?

A shipping label is a sticker containing information about your parcel. When you ship a parcel from a post office, a post office operator generates a label at the counter and attaches it to the parcel. However, with online shipping generators you don’t have to go to a post office to have your package shipped. All you need to do is generate a label using a special online tool, print it, attach it to your parcel, and drop it at the nearest USPS mailing location or schedule a free pickup.

At PostageMaker, we offer discounted shipping rates due to our partnership with the USPS. We get a corporate discount and share it with our customers when they generate shipping labels on our website. As a result, our shipping prices are 15–18% lower than the retail rates at the post office. And by using our service, you’ll also save time with our easy-to-use software and customs forms.

In addition to our online shipping label generator and shipping discounts, PostageMaker also provides access to a shipping calculator, detailed transaction history, a convenient address book, a tracking tool, and other tools and services.