How to Ship International Parcels Cheaper

How to Ship International Parcels CheaperInternational shipping isn’t exactly cheap, especially when you need to ship heavy or bulky items or when you want your parcel delivered fast. Luckily, there is a number of ways to save on shipping costs. For example, you can ship international parcels cheaper by printing discounted USPS labels using PostageMaker.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is one of the most popular ways to ship parcels overseas because it offers an optimal combination of delivery speed, service and cost. The USPS offers several international mail services that vary in delivery time and cost: the faster the delivery, the higher the shipping cost. The cost also depends on the destination country and the size and weight of the parcel.

The USPS offers four main shipping options for overseas parcels: Global Express Guaranteed (delivery time 1–3 business days), Priority Mail Express International (3–5 business days), Priority Mail International (6–10 business days), and First-Class Package International Service (delivery time varies by country). The starting shipping price (USPS retail) varies from about $10 for First-Class Package International Service to $62 for Global Express Guaranteed (the rates are valid as of November 2017 and are subject to change).

Sometimes the USPS offers shipping discounts, but to get a discount you need to ship large volumes. You won’t get a discount if you ship just one or two parcels. Luckily, there is a legitimate way to ship overseas cheaper by relying on third party services such as PostageMaker. With PostageMaker, you can print discounted shipping labels for your international parcels and save not only money, but time as well.

At PostageMaker, we have a deal with the USPS. Because we ship large volumes, we receive a discount and pass it on to our customers. Thanks to this, our shipping rates are 15–18% lower than USPS retail rates. You pay for shipping online when you generate a shipping label so you won’t be charged anything extra when you ship your parcel at a post office or get it picked up by a USPS employee.

Working with PostageMaker is very easy. First of all, you need to sign up (the registration process is very simple and will take only a couple of minutes) and add funds to your account. When you generate shipping labels, the shipping cost will be withdrawn from your account in the PostageMaker system.

To create a shipping label, you should fill out an online form. For international parcels, it also serves as a customs declaration, so make sure that you properly specify the contents of your parcel. Once the system generates your shipping label, you can print it and attach to your parcel. All that’s left to do is ship your parcel at the nearest post office or schedule a free pickup with the USPS.

PostageMaker is a great way to ship international parcels cheaper. Once you sign up for the service, you gain access not only to our online label generator but also to detailed account history, a personal address book, and a postage calculator.