How to Print Discounted Shipping Labels in Your Home or Office

How to Print Discounted Shipping Labels in Your Home or Office?Over are the times when you needed to stand in line at a post office to ship a parcel. These days, all you need to do to ship a package is generate a shipping label online, attach it to the box, and drop your parcel off at a post office without standing in line or schedule a free pickup. Moreover, you can save on postage by generating discounted labels. How to print discounted shipping labels in your home or office?

A shipping label is an identification label which confirms that you’ve paid the postage and provides key information about the package, such as the names and addresses of the sender and recipient, the postal barcode, the tracking number, the description of the package contents, etc. When you ship a package at a post office, a post office operator generates a label at the counter and attaches it to the package. To save you a trip to a post office, you can print a label yourself. All you need is a computer with Internet access and a printer.

Most carriers provide online tools that enable users to create shipping labels. You’re expected to log in to their website, fill out the label template, and print it right away or download the file if you want to print it later. Alongside official tools provided by carriers, there are third-party solutions that allow to print discounted shipping labels, and thus save on postage.

Sounds suspicious, right? Why would anyone offer shipping rates that are lower than the official rates offered by carriers? Actually, there is no trick here. Shipping label generators partner up with carriers that offer them corporate discounts due to their significant shipping volumes. Thanks to these discounts, online label printing services can offer their customers lower shipping rates. For example, PostageMaker offers prices that are 15–18% lower than USPS retail.

With PostageMaker, you can print discounted shipping labels at home or at work, and you don’t even need a special printer. All you need to do is sign up for the service and add funds to your personal account. Then, fill out a shipping label template and choose the type of postal service. The postage will be deducted from your personal account in the PostageMaker system upon generation. When the label is generated, you can print it right away or save the file to print it later.

We ensure that our discounted USPS labels are 100% valid and meet all the requirements of the United States Postal Service, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, as well as the requirements of the postal and customs service of the recipient country and all transit countries if there are any. Save time and money on domestic and international shipping with PostageMaker!